2D and 3D Smile Design

A smile design is a practical and effective dental laboratory process in which we fully restore the appearance of the patients teeth by creating a more cosmetically pleasing smile using digital technology. At Semdent Digital Laboratory we can supply a mock up and try-in guide to demonstrate to your patient what they will look like at the end of their treatment. Smile design dentistry can deliver the patient predictability to a large dental restorative process from the outset of the treatment. Before committing to undergoing dental treatment, the patient has the chance to see a preview of the results.

How it Works

Before the patient undergoes a 2D or 3D smile design, a detailed treatment plan has to be in place. Smile designs are tailored to patients’ needs, their teeth, and the final outcome they wish to achieve. In most cases, dental smile designs are accompanied with veneering, crown and bridge, or implant All on X restorations.

A Smile design takes roughly three days to complete.

To begin the process the following is required:
  • upper and lower casts/.stl scans/impressions and bite registration. (3D designs only)
  • the following images of the patient as pictured below

After this, Semdent Digital Laboratory will start designing a new smile for your patient according to your specifications. We are able to send you your smile design in the form of a mockup with a tryin guide so you can show the patient the new smile before beginning any preparations.

Semdent Digital Laboratory is committed to providing unmatched and affordable service, and are particularly praised for the seamless communication we establish with our dental partners.

We believe that success depends on the details, which is why we always emphasise that the dental practitioners put as much information as possible so that we could create the best outcome for a specific case. We use the best materials on the market to create long-term solutions and aesthetically pleasing results. In fact, we provide a 10-year for our Full Milled Zirconia, 5-year warranty for our Crown and Bridge work and a 1-year warranty for our Prosthetics work.

3D Smile Design
2D Smile Design
Dental Smile Designs Benefits

Smile designs quickly grew in popularity because it showed to:

  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth.
  • Benefit overall dental health.
  • Grow an individual’s confidence.
Good Candidates for Dental Smile Designs

A 2D or 3D smile design is suitable for:

  • Patients who want to rejuvenate their appearance by brightening their smile and restoring damaged teeth.
  • Patients who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth
  • Patients who take proper care for their teeth and want to invest in their dental health.